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At Sonntag Studio, we take pride in our 15 years of professional experience in the commercial photography industry. We provide services for vacation rentals, Airbnb, special builds, and homes for sale. Our services include HDR Photography, Matterport 3D Walkthrough Videos, Floor Plans, Aerial Photography, and Property Videos.

We understand the importance that each home is unique and has its own special features, and we strive to capture them all in a way that will make the home look its best. With our eye for detail and passion for capturing homes that will captivate potential buyers, we are the perfect choice for any home marketing needs.

Maple Bay, Vancouver Island. Photo is a drone shot of Quamichan Lake in British Columbia Canada.

Why Sonntag?

Our story began in Northern Germany where we started photographing vacation homes and Airbnb Plus properties. 

Our name, Sonntag, pays homage to the German word for Sunday where everything closes and it is a day for rest. We were inspired by the idea of slowing things down and cozy Sundays spent at home with loved ones. It is our goal that our services bring you that same Sonntag feeling of warmth and comfort when choosing us to capture your home.  

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